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How to make a good strong password

A strong password has:

  • At least 15 characters
  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols, such as `!”?$?%^&*()_–+={[}]:;@‘~#|<,>.?/

A strong password is:

  • Not your username
  • Not your name, your friend’s name, your family member’s name, or a common name
  • Not your date of birth
  • Not a dictionary word
  • Not like your previous passwords
  • Not a keyboard pattern, such as qwerty, asdfghjkl, or 12345678

Save and secure all your passwords with a password manager tool

Save all your passwords so you will never forget them again, with this password generator tool that will also produce the best passwords for you.

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Let’s start with the facts

As more people are shopping online while trying to avoid crowded stores, they are easier prey for hackers and scammers. A Google study conducted in 2019 found that 52% of individuals use the same password on many sites and 13% admit they use one password for everything. Also, more than 2.5 billion accounts were estimated to have been hacked in 2018, which amounts to around 6.85 million accounts being hacked each day, or roughly 158 every second. Every 2 out of 5 individuals have been a victim of identity theft, had their passwords compromised, or their sensitive information breached due to having outdated or duplicate passwords. And finally, poor password security is the cause of more than 80% of data breaches.

How hackers invade your accounts and devices

We are in a modern era of sophisticated technology where almost everyone has a variety of high-tech gadgets. These gadgets can connect with other computing devices to share information. For example, with the right information, anyone can connect to your bank to complete financial transactions. Thus, your bank account is prone to unauthorized access, which can lead to loss of money or valuable data. Not to mention that once someone has your passwords, they can commit cybercrime, making you look like the culprit.

The most prevalent way a hacker can get into your accounts is by figuring out your passwords. By using common and simple passwords, you create the perfect opportunity for a hacker to gain access to your accounts and electronic devices. Thus, the best way to secure your data and protect your information is by creating a strong password for each individual account you have. You can use our random password generator to generate secure passwords.

But how would you remember so many passwords? By using a password manager like Dashlane to save all of your strong passwords. Thanks to these online random password generators, you can now be safe from online attacks.

Secure your information

There is no doubt that hackers are becoming more sophisticated while using innovative advanced technology. Once they get their hands on your important information, hackers can do a lot of damage. They can steal your identity and make fake accounts under your name, open fake bank accounts, and apply for credit cards. By the time you realize there is something wrong, you will already face the consequences, and the longer you wait, the more damage will be done that will be harder to fix. But, there are many ways to stay ahead of hackers and keep your data safe, secure, and away from prying eyes. One of these ways is to use a random password generator to create strong and secure passwords.

What are password generators?

Password generators are capable of creating a random and strong password for you to use them securely. This means every account you use will have its own unique, randomly generated password, which is a great advantage for those who frequently create new accounts.

Benefits of using a password generator

There are plenty of benefits when you use a password generator to generate your random and strong password, let’s check it out. All benefits below.


Safeguard your data

One way to gain access to your important personal information is by figuring out your password. By using a password generator, your data will stay secured with a strong password for each account you choose.


Creates unique passwords

The password-generating tool combines numbers, letters, and special characters to create complex, random passwords (hard-to-guess) so you won’t have to try to think something up yourself.


Manage all your passwords in one place

The beauty of a password generator program is that not only do they generate a password for you, but these password management tools save all your passwords too. This means you won’t have to try to remember them all in your head or risk someone seeing your passwords by writing them down.


Easy to use

Password creation tools are generally very basic and user-friendly. You don’t have to read a long, drawn-out instruction manual or take a special class to learn how to use one.


Keeps you organized

A password generation tool can help you stay neat and organized with all your passwords kept secured in one place. Without one, you may find yourself writing your complex passwords down everywhere.


They login for you

It can be a big hassle to have to log in with your user name and password at every site you visit. With a password generator in place, you will no longer waste any time logging in to your account since it does it all for you.


Some keep track of more than just your password

These tools may keep track of your strong complex passwords but also they keep track of other important information, such as first and last name, address, phone number, email, and more. You type this information into the password generator one time and save it for use later when it is needed to fill out another online form.


It automatically fills in required information

Whether you are visiting an unrecognized new website or a site you visit often, the password generator will pop up anytime it can help and add information for you.


Saves you lots of time

You probably already know how time-consuming it can be to fill out an online form, especially when trying to compare quotes. It can literally take hours to fill in the same information multiple times on each website you visit. The Password generator saves you a lot of time by filling in all the information for you.


Saves you money

Password generating tools are probably the best investment for anyone, especially if you are a business owner or someone who spends a lot of time online. They are affordably priced and can save you a lot of money by not allowing hackers to steal and use your important information.

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